These Are Our

Residential Services

Your home is your sanctuary.

Guests to your home should be invited. When you find yourself with some uninvited “guests” in the form of pests, it can make your home feel crowded. We can help you get rid of these intruders professionally and reliably.

Wolf Spider

Mosquitoes and Ticks

Climate change has provided the perfect habitat. For eight months, this pest will breed and adapt, and cause harm in spreading disease and viruses. We control by identifying sites on your property, then get rid of the breeding, thus reducing their populations and chances of being bitten. Pets included!

Exclusionary Work

Structural inspection helps identify areas of pest entry. We seal them up and humanely remove what’s inside safely, then install devices for ongoing protection and prevention of them returning. Your home's value is maintained when pests are excluded.

Seasonal/Year-Round Programs

Our PROACTIVE year round program targets pests outside and inside. For a healthier environment and peace of mind while enjoying time with family or entertaining, this program protects against so many uninvited pests. Ask about our “Home Protection 365 Plan” for year-round safety from mice, spiders, ants and stinging pests to name a few. Pests don't stand a chance with us on site.


Perhaps one of the worlds oldest pest problems. We identify, seal up gaps and remove what’s inside fast and safely. Home and cottage, including out buildings too. Structural damages and mechanical systems are targeted areas of nesting, and can not only affect your health but cost you time and money.

Bed Bugs

Known as the “Hitchhiker” this human parasite feeds on blood. We identify areas within your home, and target them with every weapon in our arsenal. Heat, vacuum, residual treatment and dust powders are the best defence. A partnership to effectively remove and keep these pests from breeding or being re-introduced. Often several treatments are required depending on the level of infestation. Don’t wait too long!

Carpenter Ant

Live Free of Pests

The Most Common

Pests You Will Find