A great advantage for local small business is that we have the ability to tailor our pest control programs specific to our region and more importantly to each customers needs. Targeting what needs to be controlled while being cautious about beneficial species, healthy environments and safety, and not actually using a “one solution for all” approach.

In my business we follow IPM. Simply stated this means, Integrated Pest Management, a particular way to identify and use methods such as cultural prevention methods, physical and mechanical methods and biological control. When customers call, its important to get detailed information prior to service in order to identify hazards with the location, accessibility, time and temperature.

When treating LDD (Gypsy Moth – Spongy Moth) its best to set expectations. Every pest has a uniqueness that contributes to why they are on your property and why they are tough to eliminate. Factors such as food sources, tree species, proximity to your neighbour, wind, water, and sun exposure will help determine the areas they harbour and how best to control an infestation.

Check out this trusted link for great information regarding LDD (Gypsy Moth), and call a pest professional for advice.


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